Are you in an offshore or onshore scheme to reduce tax and take home more pay? I have bad news for you, youre probably being cheated and lied to..

I don’t know if you’ve been using a scheme for some time or if you’re new, but in either case you’ve probably noticed a few dodgy trends..

This industry seems plagued by cheap conmen with equally scaly tricks, Im sorry but it pisses me off when people use false advertising just to make a quick buck..


I know im ranting, but everywhere I look these days there is the infamous upto 90% take home, which is complete and utter bullshit… I challenge you to try get that from these conmen!

You’ll get a big surprise, they will offer you maybe 83% take home pay if you are lucky!


Everybody knows that you cant have an onshore tax avoidance scheme right? wrong there are boatloads of idiots falling for another con stunt claiming to be running for 14 years.. they even claimed to be underwritten by lloyds of london!! what the… and yet silly people are joining such schemes and will probably get burnt which makes me very very angry!

Why do people not realise(And Im talking about these unethical operators) not realise that if they dont look to long term keeping their clients happy they are

  • Giving the industry a bad name
  • Harming their clients financially

I have noticed certain operators also close down every few years and reopen in the same premises, perhaps to dissasociate from enquiries being done on their useless tax schemes! so they just continue to market under a new name.

If youre a UK contractor DONT BE AN IDIOT! do your homework… I have compiled a guide to help keep you safe..