Attention UK Contractors:regarding HMRC Enquiries

“Are You Tired Of No Support, or Backup From Your Tax Structure?”

Contractor taxation cartoon

Contractor Tax Cartoon

Would you like to enjoy an incredible level of confidence and STILL enjoy the benefits of reliable take home pay?.

FACT:Did you know that almost no tax solution providers in the tax avoidance industry provide adequate protection or backup for contractors using their structures.

FACT: Did you know that even tax solution providers advertising insurance against enquiries, only cover expenses to first hearing and most hearings go on for years?

FACT: There are literally thousands of contractors essentially “going it alone” or under the gun of HMRC letters etc

FACT: This ends here… we are putting together a structure that will have a fund to protect its members , we are proposing to use KPMG and Pump Court tax chambers to defend any of our contractors against HMRC enquiries on our solution.

Look if you don’t do something about this HMRC problem and keep ignoring it it wont go away, Here’s what will happen, they will or can issue you an APN – advanced payment notice of anything they guess (and often they are entirely incorrect) essentially bullying you into paying or leaving you with the bill to pay for litigation against HMRC.

The big problem holding you back is FEAR

The Big problem holding you back is FEAR,  Have you ever thought about how everyone knows large corporations do tax avoidance and get away with it despite public opinion.

and this? That recent “payments” by google and facebook were just token gestures to the public out of goodwill – did you realise that they didn’t have to pay a frikking cent! WHY? because they have totally legal tax avoidance strategies that work 100% efficiently.

So the hmrc resorted to the only court it could appeal on – Public opinion, now do you think that the directors and shareholders of google etc give a continental hoot about what people say and do versus profit? – nah I didn’t think so either.. and in my opinion this is not only legal its completely moral, you should be allowed to set up your tax arrangements to benefit yourself and your family and pay the least tax possible for the benefits and services you receive from the government. After all you’re not running oxfam -you’re in business for the noblest and purest of reasons money and profit.

Don’t we live in a capitalist society and has it not been proven that it is the only system that works overall?, Isnt self interest ie seeking a benefit or reward for your expertise and labour – this  is not greed- this is getting paid for the value you produce…

Is it not true that  human beings are entirely driven by self interest, even enlightened self interest? Would you go to work if you didn’t get paid?

I dont know but it just seems to me entirely unfair that a lot of people play the morality issue when it comes to structuring your taxation in a way that benefits yourself, we are not a state run economy, Doesn’t our economy run on people like you, who work and become entrepreneurs and produce value and deals and create business and employment?

Up until now you had a valid reason to be concerned, its politically incorrect to be seen to use tax avoidance, and this may affect some people say who are working in government or council positions, but if you run your own business gosh! Its easy to justify profit motive and tell people who want to take more of your hard earned money to work for it themselves and then they can decide who and how much of their money they want to give.

Here’s What its not:

  • This solution is not about keeping your money in some deep dark offshore bank account in panama
  • This solution is not about hoarding untold riches from the taxman, or hiding your earnings.
  • This solution is not tax evasion


Listen  if only half of what I said is true, you would stand to gain tremendous benefit, below I will list all the benefits and the reasons you will have to be secure.

Well,What if I told you that you didn’t have to fear? what if you came across a solution that is so up to date and untouchable with regards to the current legislation, just like google and the rest?
that you knew with 100% certainty that your tax structuring was taken care of and if you ever got an enquiry you would be taken care of by a comprehensive system designed to protect you from unfair enquiry demands?


Here’s What it is:  A Solution That Protects Its Contractors and Stands By them in times of need

What if a solution was designed with HMRC’s Strategies in mind?

  1. What if even though it is commonplace to get an enquiry (a questioning letter from hmrc as such questions are inevitable) you no longer have to stress as much because your questions get answered by KPMG(well to be exact, KPMG provides you with the answer to give to HMRC) and after you respond.. they go away or dissapear..(this has happened already to our existing clients)
  2. What if the second layer of protection which is still in development, is so good that it helps to provide protection for all the participants in the structure, on all litigation regarding HMRC and concerning this structure.
  3. Say you agree to pay 0.5% fee to a fund that is set up entirely separately just to provide legal representation and protection for you should you get an enquiry – essentially spreading the risk amongst members.
  4. Statistically only about 5% of members using a tax avoidance structure ever get approached and sent a letter by hmrc, so the fund will become liquid fast,
  5. We use Pump Court Tax Chambers(legal firm)as representation to defend you against claims by HMRC.
  6. We are the only ones providing this service, so you can know you will have full representation of your interests and that we are confident in our structure(because it IS compliant)


Here’s why this solution could be a perfect fit for you, there are no other solution providers doing this, their are only providers using token insurance companies with tightly defined promises under specific circumstances set up to “help you”.

and we know that in order for a insurance company to profit it must avoid making payments, so thier profit motive is against you, and the terms (please check these out yourself dont take my word for it) are mostly only to first hearing and worded to minimise any cost to the insurance company.

emotionally it makes sense to invest in a company that will take care of its clients and has such faith in its structure, because can you imagine the relief you will get when you know they have your back.

Other reasons to have faith include that the provider is one of the oldest tax avoidance providers in the industry, been in business since 2004 and so they are solid and reliable, no “johnny come lately’s”

The answer is found in whether the solution provides adequate protection and is prepared to stand by their solution their claims and their clients.

Us vs Them

You know, I actually salute you, because you have chosen to be an entrepreneur, a contractor, and you accept greater risk than people who choose the safer permie role, you represent all the effort that actually makes the civilised world work, and gives people the chance to be and do great things. To honour ambition and initiative.

unlike a lot of people who have no initiative themselves and yet tell you to shut up and do as you’re told, and how dare you stand out and be courageous..and different.. you deserve to be punished for your initiative, taking risks and not being a sheep… jealousy..weakness…it disgusts me. Its anti democracy and anti capitalism.

anyway this is turning into a nasty rant, and were not here to rant, we are here to help you make more take home pay and help your bottom line.

Did you know HMRC is claiming money up front although it is expected the bulk will need to be paid back? who elects these fools? who rewards people who steal your money to give it to corrupt politicians with their own self serving political agenda

Did you know that if HMRC issues you with an APN and you dont pay it (and you shouldn’t if you use our structure because you will be in the right legally)you need to litigate them in order to prevent them from adding a 15% interest on the amount they claim.

Go with a dodgy tax avoidance scheme that fails but claims “fully compliant” and end up paying HMRC 60 000 K in 3 months or get handed over to their debt collectors.. in fact Hmrc often makes gross mistakes in its calculations and lets YOU pay for their stuff ups, up front.

To Help You

Did you know you need to litigate HMRC to avoid having to pay them the payment notice? Look I don’t know of any other providers who are going to be doing this, creating a fund to help contractors if they get an enquiry, nor do I know of any that have KPMG help them design their structure, or use one of the very best tax specialised law firms in the UK to protect its clients by flagrant bullying by hmrc.

You went into business for one reason, and they make it very difficult to earn a good reward for all your hard work and effort, I mean after all what is the point of owning a company? What is the point of doing business? if not to profit for your own or your family’s sake..

Here are the options available now:

  • Go paye and never brave the world of contracting again.. lose 40% take home and let the government rape your family’s savings or stick with pure LTD and lose take home and do loads of admin , stick with Umbrella and get fried and lose 40 % take home.
  • Go with a dodgy tax avoidance scheme that fails but claims “fully compliant” and end up paying HMRC 60 000 K in 3 months or get handed over to the debt collectors.. this is clearly an abuse of power…

solution 1

  1. Go with standard limited company and earn a lot less take home pay, this has its own issues as running a limited company can still make you a target of IR35 if HMRC is feeling particularly bloodyminded. (usually right after they get a bollocking after the elections when politicians flex their virtual muscles) results in – 25-30% take home or + 30 % revenue to HMRC.
  2. Use a standard umbrella company, get paid like PAYE and pay them fees for doing all the admin for you(we do have an umbrella option for you which will give you a much better return)

solution 2

You could go with a standard loan be it onshore or offshore trust, and there are lots of providers offering a good return on investment, a lot claim to give up to 89% but it makes me wonder if they are offering such high returns isn’t it that much more obvious that you are avoiding tax and so are asking for an inquiry.

solution 3 – a winner..

Your solution, much like a standard loan and trust arrangement but with crucial differences that keep you from falling foul of the “benefit in kind ruling 2016” – you enjoy an extra 25-30% take home, typically over 83%

 It works for anyone who fits the following description

Who it works for

  1. Anyone earning over 200 pounds a day
  2. Resident in the UK or Tax Resident
  3. Contractors or self employed
  4. Contractors who use Limited companies or umbrella companies
  5. Contractors who work in the middle east but are British tax resident

Most Important:if you are comfortable with knowing your rights as a taxpayer and do not wish to be bullied into submission by an oppressive tax regime that takes from the productive who provide value and gives to the unproductive who are only interested in taking and profiting from doing nothing but drinking and living off your hard work..


The Tax Solution works so well because it has legal teeth behind it, the assistance of KPMG and a legal firm specializing in tax law.


Frequently Asked Questions


What about anti avoidance and other legislative rulings? this solution is compliant and you are safe using this solution according to the current prevailing  legislation and rulings

what about your fees? our fees are 14%  and we deserve it for providing such value. also, a note, we pay the interest  you owe on your loans out of our fees.

what about exit or set up fees? nope none

What about HMRC enquiries happening in the industry? HMRC has a new shotgun approach to crushing the soul of the people who ultimately pay their salaries..some of our contractors have received letters from HMRC (As have all tax solution providers)and we are handling it with the help of KPMG and the approach we are implementing.

What You Need To Do Next:

If you want to find out how much you can earn on our solution, please fill out the email form on the right of the page with details of:

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Once you have done this I will calculate and generate an illustration/ quote for you and email you back, I will only call you if you ask me to or need more information.

Why WOULD you pay more tax than you legally have to?