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How to get contractor tax and take home at 87% – and thats AFTER ALL deductions, you get 87% in YOUR pocket.

“They Laughed when I told them what I was taking home, but then I started to earn more than my manager and when he found out…”

This was from a conversation I had a few months ago with one of our contractors, who had a problem when his invoice was sent by accident to his line manager instead of to the correct person in accounts, well his manager was peeved to say the least, fortunately my contractor buddy (who will remain nameless) got another better contract and fired his old agency!

To find out how much YOU will earn on our contractor tax solution – fill out the “Contractor Calculator to request an illustration AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE”

Announcing a safe contractor tax solution designed in consultation with KPMG that allows you to earn between 87% take home pay and uses the fastest payment method in existance - and that means you get paid the same day.
Are you tired of other contractors doing similar jobs earning a ton more cash than you? Have you ever wondered about their little secret?

Well if you want to earn up to 25% more than you do now, then listen closely to what im about to tell you..

Hey I don’t want to waste your time so if you want to compare your current contractor tax solution with ours, please just fill in this contractor calculator form, we will send you a confirmation and then a personalised illustration of how much you would be earning on our contractors tax system -as well as a breakdown as to how it works.




And even if you are one of the lucky contractors who are in the know”- what I am about to reveal is something that will most probably blow your current solution out of the water…

yes I’m serious and I’m not kidding nor being arrogant..


Brian Colborne, owner of Contractor Tax Solutions

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Brian Colborne, I help a very good friend of mine who works for one of the oldest and most respected tax optimization firms /solution providers for freelancers and contractors. I help him by getting the word out on his company since I have experience in web design and running web servers etc and because I also get paid for my services.

Why should you listen to me?

Well I help contractors earn more money by showing them how they can pay less tax  and enjoy more income, this service is better than both umbrella companies, limited companies and even most trust based companies for several excellent reasons check out below to see why.

What’s different about our offer from all the others: this is a long list but it’s a list of benefits you get to enjoy on our system, Ill bet you don’t mind reading if it directly affects your own earning potential – but I will still try to be brief and to the point.

  1. The speed at which you get paid..
    We use the fastest payment method available to us (the fastest in the world) which is Faster payments service Guaranteeing you the absolute fastest payment time possible.…and..

The difference between us and other solution providers is that we run our own *trusts making our payment speed faster than anyone else in the industry

And not only that but we have also combined the use of faster payments service which is the absolute fastest way to pay you.

Also we do our payments not just once a week…

nor do we do it every day

We do our payments runs TWICE a day every day! – below I am quoting my friend..

“We operate with  faster payments which means that we can pay cleared funds into your bank account the same day we receive the funds from your agency. We also make two payment runs per day. If your funds are in our account in the morning we will make a payment at 12:00, if the funds come after that we make a 16:00 payment run.”

*(most other providers have to use a 3rd party trust provider as they are not regulated by the financial services commission and thus are not permitted to run their own trusts – which means they are forced to operate using a 3rd party trust provider making money transfers slower, in some instances 3 days..)

  1. The extraordinary degree of safety and protection we provided in crafting our tax solution

We are probably one of the safest companies to deal with for several reasons: one more obvious one is that we are well established and reputable – we have been around since 2004.  We are also the only solution provider that is regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission to the best of my knowledge.

With regards to tax compliance that keeps you clear of any possible tax issues:

We have gone to extraordinary lengths to protect you and keep your tax solution totally safe

  • We combine the use of the very best Tax specialists using legal opinion from UK’s leading and largest tax specialist barristers which happen to be called Pump Court Tax Chambers
  • In order to ensure we are fully compliant and outside ALL the tax nastiness announcements (EBT/MSC/IR35 )
  • We ALSO use KPMG to craft the most safe tax compliant tax solution that delivers both protection, safety peace of mind as well as excellent tax efficiency.

According to Pump court tax chambers (the leading firm of tax specialist barristers) I could find the best description of their service here–

With 30 Members of Chambers specializing in Tax, we offer unparalleled expertise in every facet of Revenue Law, from the largest corporate transactions to issues facing the private individual.

As well as tax, much of our work involves issues such as trusts law, company law and financial services regulation.”

This is already a step ahead of most solution providers but we didn’t stop there… no…

Now even though we have gone this far, and to the best of my knowledge most solution providers also use similar services to varying degrees.. We have gone the extra mile by using KPMG as well…

We consult regularly with KPMG and our barristers at Pump Court Tax Chambers to make certain that our solution keeps you safe (and of course us!) no one wants to have bad experiences with HMRC..

With regard to being able to trust us? Who can blame you for asking about that, considering the recent fiasco with tract management.. Id also be considering the same thing ..

Aside from us being licensed and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission

.. well I can also tell you this – we have been around since 2004 we are really good at what we do and offer several benefits not commonly found in the contractor taxation /tax avoidance industries.

we like to believe were one of the best in our industry.

  1. We give you 85 – 87% take home pay on your contract

Q:This seems too good to be true, how come you can afford to make such a huge promise of 87% and still be legitimate..

We are licensed and regulated by the Financial Supervision Commission as a trust provider, most companies in this industry cannot run their own trust and need to have a 3rd party do this for them (as only a licensed and regulated financial services companies can run a trust)

This benefits you not just because we are regulated this is not just some fancy title, it adds up to real value to you because since we run and manage our own trusts we don’t have to pay a 3rd party extra money to do so for us, which means our fees can be lower than most other solution providers… this is how we can afford to give you 87% take home pay!

  1. One of the Lowest fees in the industry

we take just 11% for our services which is actually very low  when comparing similar services and solution providers. (which are usually 14 % some of the lowest I know of are 12.5%)

We can afford to do this because we have bespoke software developed in house(some of our directors are software developers) that manages most things that other companies need hoards of support, accounting and administration staff to run and thus provide you with not only individual attention but we also don’t need to pay a ton of staff so allowing further reduction in your fees which is a direct benefit to you.

This system we use really does provide awesome tax leveraging its astounding in both its genius and simplicity. – so this is how can we afford to give such an outrageous % when our best competitor (whom we respect) is only offering 85% because their fees are higher than ours..

An illustration of our typical workings displaying most of our workings with total transparency:

Based on £400 per day.
Daily Rate £400.00
Days Worked Per Week 5
Weeks Worked Per Year 46
Self-Employment Daily Rate £52.00
Expenses (not reclaimable from Agency/End Client) £1,500.00
Percentage Charge by Our Solution provider 11.00%
Class 2 NI per week £2.50
Class 4 NI rate 9.00%
Class 4 NI Annual Allowance £7,225.00
Income Tax rate 20.00%
Personal Allowance £7,475.00
Total Amount Invoiced to Agency/End Client £92,000.00
Self-Employment Income (paid to consultant gross) £11,960.00
Less Expenses -£1,500.00
Net Profit of Self-Employment £10,460.00
Class 2 National Insurance (paid to HMRC by consultant monthly by direct debit) £130.00
Class 4 National Insurance (paid by consultant at self-assessment) £291.15
Income Tax (paid by consultant at self-assessment) £597.00
Income from self employment after Income Tax and NI £10,941.85
Loans Advanced £69,920.00
Our Fees £10,120.00
Amount Retained by Consultant (after all Taxes and NI) £80,861.85
Percentage Return to Consultant 87.89%

A quick summary of our featured benefits:

These are the benefits you get when you sign up with us

  • Excellent Protection from anti avoidance announcements December /April 2010/2011 as our solution is designed in consultation with KPMG and a leading QC at Pump so this gives you peace of mind.
  • Only service provider fully licensed by the financial service commission
  •  Our Solution is backed up by Pump House Court Chambers -The LARGEST and Best Known TAX LAW SPECIALISTS IN THE UK(who have 30 barristers specializing in tax law)
  • 85 -87 % take home pay
  • low fees
  • No EBT
  • No IR35
  • No Administration headaches(we do it all for you)
  • No Tax return (we do this too)
  • No joining or exit fees
  • 24 hour access to our online system where you can access the details of the loans made, payments received , payments made and a summary of the position to date.
  • Fastest payments -We do same day payments at 12H00 and 16H00


The Main Benefits of all the above features of our servive would be:

  • Safety and Security, we give you complete ease of mind that you are dealing with a reputable and long established business that works to help you retain more of your income. (Steed Solutions)
  • By far the main advantage of using our services is that you get to keep a lot more of your income and can thus do things you would not be able to such as pay off mortgages quicker - increased savings and wealth.
  • getting your payments faster than anywhere else and that means you always get paid on time thus avoiding those ‘too much month at the end of the money’ moments.


Who qualifies for this service?

  1. This offer is for contractors, freelancers or other high earners living and working in the UK who want to earn more money and enjoy the maximum tax efficiency by paying less tax  and having less administrative burden
  2. You should be earning minimum £200 per day (most our contractors earn £ 400 per day )to enjoy our services… these work out to roughly 85%(200 per day) to 87% (400 per day or more)

Who is this service not for?

  • Contractors not earning at least £ 200 per day and people not working in the UK
  • People who want to negotiate my fee, rather join my competitors, they need every contractor they get.. my view is we provide a valuable and highly sought after service, enjoy a good reputation  and earn our fee by providing exemplary value. Seriously if you cant afford to work with Steed, and are prepared to risk working with unproven companies under 2 years old, I dont want your money.
  • People who are so risk averse that they would prefer to work as a permie or work under a regular umbrella company.

The best thing you can do right now

Use the email form below to get a report with a graphic explanation/illustration of how this system works, more on who we are and what exactly we do. Don’t forget to click the authorization link or we won’t send the info to you.

This is also the first step towards earning more take home pay with greater service and protection if you choose to sign up with us.

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